Smitty's Custom Bowling Pin Art - ROCKABILLYART.COM

SAVE THE PLANET AND KEEP BOWLING PINS FROM WINDING UP IN OUR LANDFILLS  RECYCLED HAND PAINTED CUSTOM GARAGE ART We start with a used and abused regulation size bowling pin about 4 1/2 lbs. and fill the really bad spots like large cracks and dents..but leave the minor scars intact. This is followed by a light sanding and a coat of primer sealer.  These pins are not perfect enough to be used by the bowling league teams, but still look pretty good. The bowling alleys would like to have them refinished-but with the high cost of shipping , often they are thrown in the dumpster and end up in a landfill.  We obtain used pins from the bowling alleys-  [sometimes this is harder to do than it seems] But most indie bowling alley owners are happy to help.
 Next we apply a spray coating of enamel in usually two colors to the blank pin. Or we can hyro dip them. This step is followed by a clear coat to give a smooth surface to work with.
Now we come up with an idea togetherand hand paint with oil based medium and create the designs on our bowling pin artwork. for special orders the customer helps come up with the ideas and designs. The pins will have minor dings,scratches or small cracks on the surface. The bowling pins have been saved from the dumpster..kept from the landfill and recycled.   Tool boxes, gas cans, coolers etc. are cleaned, restored,base painted and designed with custom paints to order.
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